Chex Mix Trail Mix

Chex Mix Trail Mix
Chex Mix Trail Mix Ingredients

Need a last minute 4th of July snack? I got you covered! I whipped up this red, white and blue Chex trail mix snack in minutes. My family and I are headed to movies this year so thought a sweet snicky-snack after dinner would be fun! Happy Birthday America!


Half a box of Chex (I used the corn variety)
3 handfuls salted pretzels
2 handfuls cashews (feel free to swap for your favorite nut or omit all together)
1 bag m&m’s (sharing size bag)
1 box melting chocolate (at Target) they have milk and white chocolate - I went for the the almond white chocolate


Combine all the dry ingredients into a large bowl and toss lightly to combine.
Melt chocolate according to package.
Pour half the chocolate over dry mix, stir gently to mix then add the remaining melted chocolate. Continuing mixing gently, coating everything.
Turn mixture out onto parchment paper and spread out a little and let harden. It only takes a few minutes.
Break up into smaller pieces, serve and enjoy!