My favorite tool for outdoor grilling. I prefer to grill on a griddle because I like the sear and crispy edges you get.

Literally the best meatloaf pan - ever! All the grease drains out but leave the meatloaf super moist!



Fine Point Tongs great for working with delicate food and really anything you might need to flip in a pan or skillet.

These small baking sheets are great if you only need to make a small amount and they fit perfectly in your toaster oven too. 4 in a pack for only $9.99, they are a great deal!

Unbleached parchment paper sheets. I like these because they are waaaay easier to deal with than that roll.

One of my favorite gadgets! This guy zests lemons, grates hard cheese like a pro and plows thru whole nutmeg. I couldn't survive without this gadget! :)

My favorite hand held mandolin. Inexpensive, lasts forever (I once sliced 30lb of potatoes for an event and it's still sharp) and doesn't take up much room in your kitchen drawers.

Mini tart pans with non-removable bottom. Great for my rose endive tarts!

Bryson Industries Inc

The only product I've found that REALLY gets all those streaks off my stainless appliances. It actually REPELS fingerprints. It’s a much have for sure.

My favorite type of storage ware, especially for liquids.

This is a pricey one but I can personally vouch for their worth. I’ve been using these knives for 7 years, pretty much on a daily basis and I still enjoy them just as much as day one. They still cut and chop great and I’ve never had them professionally sharpened. I also like the smaller, sleek handle, they fit my hand great and the steak knife looks nice as the table setting, not big or bulky. Steak knives sold separately, link below.

Matching steak knives to complete the block set.

Kohler Sink Rack. Keeps my cast iron farmhouse sink from getting marked up.

I have all kinds of hot mitts but for some reason I always grab the little ones.

Great for juicing lemons and limes. Heck, I've even juiced an orange in it!


This little (but heavy) guy is great for crushing herbs and spices. Since back from Thailand I’ve been using it a lot to make curry paste and marinades.

Bamboo Knot Cocktail/ Hors' D'oevre Picks. These jazz up any appetizer!

If you’re looking for a great set of wine glasses this is it! You can buy these separately but I thought I’d link the starter set if you need a variety. I like this brand because they are light to hold and have a thin delicate lip to drink from. And they are sold at a reasonable price point so if one gets broken, no one is in a panic.

Mrs. Meyer's Merged

Because it cleans great, smells pretty and is free of all those nasty chemicals.

Keeps my pizza crust nice and crispy!

Weiman Products, LLC

I have a copper prep sink and this stuff works magic bringing it back to it's original shine. It's also great for your copper mugs and pots.


My favorite plastic mixing bowls. Lighter than glass bowls and won't react with fruits like stainless can. 

Breville Kitchenware

I fought this one, (b/c I don't like frivolous kitchen tools) but boy am I glad I gave in, I've found so many uses for this hand-held blender. My soups have never been better!

You can definitely serve Moscow Mules out of a regular glass but aren’t these much cuter? A non-necessity, sure, but when you have people over it’s fun to serve up a drink in these shiny copper mugs.

Cheesecake anyone? This is the perfect pan for making my hashbrown veggie quiche!

Epica Products

A classic flour sifter. Gotta have it to get the lumps out!

The cutest salt cellar, it's the perfect size, not too big and not too small.

Both a cooling rack and baking rack, a necessity in my kitchen.

You'll find all kind of uses for this scoop. Cookies, melon, ice cream, cupcake batter, ground meat, it's great for scooping anything that you need to control the size for consistency. This size is a good in-the-middle size to start with.

Pretty and functional. I have an older model that my husband and I have been using for about 17 years. Yes, you can find much cheaper toasters that do the job just fine but since we keep our toaster on the counter top I do like the unique look of this brand and the fact that it still works perfectly and looks just as good after 17 years, I’m ok with the splurge purchase. :)

Mojito Muddler...because sometimes you just need a refreshing mint beverage! It’s also great for muddling other types of herbs too.

Johnson S.C. & Sons Inc.

I find this is to be the perfect size for leftovers.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

The Basil sent is my absolute favorite, it actually makes me want to clean the counters and cabinets!

Full Circle Home

This brush is great for getting off stuck-on-foods. It has tough bristles but non-abrasive. 


It's a splurge item for sure but it makes easy work out of making meringues (and tons of other stuff too).


Because turning fruits and vegetables into shoestring shapes is fun! Apples, zucchini, carrot and of course potatoes to make french fries! 

Pure Acres Farm

Have you ever needed to squeeze all the liquid from something, like shredded cucumbers, zucchini or hash browns? If so, this cheesecloth makes easy work of the messy task.