de Socio
pronounced: dee-so-she-oh
Italian meaning:
companion, friend and ally (like peas and carrots)

Hello, my name is Krista, but my friends call me TaTa or Kiki.

Krista DeSocio in the Kitchen

I live in Tennessee and work for a manufacturing company as the Director of Marketing. On the side I do graphic design.

My other hobby is cooking. Recently my husband and I remodeled our kitchen. It's completely dreamy and everything I've ever wanted and it has inspired me to get back in the kitchen. I love to cook and experiment, I will literally eat anything once (sometime ask me about the time I ate a sardine head...not my finest culinary moment and yes there's video) so any time an opportunity presents itself to cook, I'm all over it! My husband and I enjoy traveling and exploring the world making memories together. One of my very favorite things about traveling are the cooking classes and workshops. I get to learn so much and try foods I wouldn't have ever thought to cook with (i.e. cuddle fish - yikes!). So far my international classes consist of Italy, Spain and France. Our 2018 trip took us to Thailand!

I might not be an expert in any one type of food but I certainly have a broad pallet. ;) I like to say, I'm not a trained chef, I just play one in the kitchen. 

Cooking in France, 2017

Cooking in France, 2017

France Cooking Workshop

I hope this blog inspires you to bake, cook, chop and explore new flavors. Feel free to leave a comment, ask questions and/or follow along on social media. Thank you for stopping by!

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deSocio  in the kitchen
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Photo's and Recipes
All photo's were taken by me unless otherwise noted. To copy is the finest form of flattery but if you'd like to use a photo, please ask first. :)  I follow several chefs and gain inspiration from others, I will always make note of where I found the original recipe and would ask that you do the same. Thanks so much and keep cooking! 

No external are paid endorsements just products I've road tested and use in my kitchen. In some cases I will make a small commission from the provider at no additional cost to you.